Freaks and Geeks from Donald Glover on Vimeo.


Somebody Give this man an EGOT.

So amazing.

Paul Rand from Sarah Brody on Vimeo.

The real life “AngryPaulRand”.

Add it to your shelf.

We tend to read a lot around here and a while ago decided we wanted a way to let our visitors know of books that we thought were insightful, beneficial, or inspirational within the field of design. In the past we would occasionally post a small write up of a book or even a film that we wanted to recommend on our blog. However, as the posts were already infrequent, over time they would get lost within the news, updates, and other finds that we share. 

So as part of a larger group of updates, we’ve revisited the idea of our suggested readings, taken the few books and films already listed, added several recommendations, and collected them on a single site. We think this will provide our visitors a simple way to discover and purchase the same things that brought some inspiration into our studio. Hopefully you will as well.  

You can visit the site at


The Art of Hermann Zapf

Watching Zapf draw letters is mesmerizing. The best.

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INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.

Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today’s pop culture.