Utilizing Design

I’m pleased to announce the first class offering from gruntmonkey.
The studio has partnered with the great folks over at Civic Lab to present Utilizing Design. We’re offering this session as an open, involved discussion about how the Design process can be applied to create effective responses to challenges that are faced within organizations.

Through discussions regarding past experiences utilizing design, we’ll explore the value of investing in design services and how design can be applied to all aspects of an organization, not just to the creation of visual elements.  Attendees will leave the class with a better understanding of the design process and how to apply it to create effective responses to challenges faced by their organization.  This class is geared towards those working in non-profit organizations with an eye towards Executive Directors, Communications and Development staff.

The class is hosted at
Civic Lab
114 N Aberdeen St. 

Tuesday October, 22 6:30 - 8:30PM

Purchase your ticket
and I look forward to seeing you there.

Designers, what are your workflows when working in a Ruby on Rails environment?

I’m looking into processes. As a Designer, how do you work within a Rails development team?

Learn to hear feedback but don’t react to it.

You are the domain expert on your business. You have spent way more time and energy thinking about your business than someone who takes a 30 minute meeting with you, having never thought about it for one iota, and then gives you a ton of advice that you are doing everything wrong.

- Fred Wilson 


Even though aimed towards Entrepreneurs, this is great lesson for Designers as well. As a Mentor, I tell my students that there are many answers to a question, it’s up to them to tell me which one is correct and why. 

Better Weather. Design related products for your home to help others rebuild theirs.

Weather’s been on my mind a bit lately so I’ve started exploring the question “How can we make weather better?”. So in the spirit of exploring and sharing, I’ve created a product line with purpose. Better Weather is a way to utilize design to help others. The goal is to create a themed product line that can generate assistance for others in an ongoing effort.

Here’s how it works. 
1) We make weather themed products for the home.
2) You purchase them.
3) We collect and donate 
100% of the profits to the Red Cross.

Our products are open ended editions. Available until we retire them. And new products will be made available as we see necessary.  

The first series of this effort is available now through the gruntmonkey Society6 store.  

Mother nature can be fussy, let’s assist those in her wake.










Light Shower

My Best Business Practices.

In June I attended the Creative Freelancers Conference as part of HOW Design Live’s annual conference. This year it was hosted in San Francisco and the city was a gorgeous setting for the thousands of creative professions to get recharged.

As part of the CFC, I was asked to be part of a panel titled “Freelancers Speak on Their Best Business Practices”. I was glad to hear that the content I presented seemed to go over well. In the spirit of those practices I wanted to make accessible my presentation for others. 

I hope you find the lessons I’ve learned so far valuable and beneficial.

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